Setting up a company in Wrocław

Are you planning to set up a company in Wrocław? We’ll do it for you!
Our service includes comprehensive support in the process of gathering together the necessary documentation and registering a company together with legal and tax advice. It applies both to Polish citizens who wish to establish a new company or transform an existing one, and to foreigners planning to open a business in our country.

What do you get as part of our Setting Up a Company service in Wrocław?

complete legal and tax advice,

analysis of your individual situation and the documentation you provided,

explanation of the possible courses of action with their consequences and support in choosing the most favourable solution.

Setting up a company – is this a service for you? You’ll benefit from it if:

you are planning to set up a new company,
you are the owner of a company and you’re considering restructuring it,
you run a sole trader business and want to convert it into a company,
you need advice both before setting up the company and during the registration process,
you want to buy an already existing company.


What will you receive as part of this service?


Legal and tax advisory


Support in choosing the most favourable course of action to create a company that will generate a satisfactory income


Assistance with the process of forming a company – both online and in the traditional way, at the notary office


Handling of all notarial procedures


Handling of digital documents and online communication with the court


Putting together documents necessary to set up the company


Submission of documents to register a company


Drafting of necessary contracts


Trust our law firm with the set-up of your company

Are you planning to set up a company? Or do you have a company and want to transform it into an entity with a more favourable form of taxation? Our law firm will review the available options and advise you on which solutions to choose in order to make the most profit. As part of our service, you will also receive the creation of various contracts and modifications to existing contracts, so that your interests are protected.

We offer online set-up of companies - this way you can register a general partnership, a limited partnership or a new type of company in Poland, which is a joint-stock company. We also provide our services at any notary public in Poland. We cooperate with a reliable notary office, which we can also recommend to you.

Conversion of self employment into a limited liability company

Our service also includes the procedure of company transformation. Are you self employed and you want to convert to a limited liability company? We will prepare a transformation plan for you along with new articles of association, we will assist you in the creation of financial statements and verify your documents with the help of a certified auditor.


We can assist you in the process of buying a company already existing on the market

Before buying a company, it is advisable to carry out a legal audit of the company - only then you can be sure that your investment will not cause you problems. At your request, we will conduct a thorough verification of the company you intend to buy.

What does setting up a company with us look like?

1. You approach us with the idea of setting up a company and we present you with possible courses of action.

2. If you decide to set up a company - we do it with you online or by accompanying you to the notary office.

3. Your company is ready for business.