Legal English

Are you looking for legal services provided in English? We will be happy to help.
English is not only widely used but it is becoming increasingly important all over the world. While most of us should not experience difficulties using English in day-to-day communication, it can be a challenge when we want to establish business cooperation and determine its specific terms and conditions. When drafting two identical contracts, in two different languages, both the English and Polish versions must contain exactly the same arrangements, leaving no doubt in the event of a possible claim for non-performance of the obligations under these agreements.

What benefits will you receive when using our Legal English services in Wrocław?

  • A comprehensive service in English – we provide extensive support that includes not only the creation of documents and their translation, but also assistance in discussions with contractors,
  • professional translation of legal documents and contracts – we guarantee a faithful translation with the use of specialised vocabulary,
  • an explanation of the rules of business on the Polish market – if you are an entrepreneur from abroad, we will introduce you to the realities of running a business in our country,
  • clarity of communication with English-speaking contractors and no risk of confusion in setting the rules of cooperation,
  • the possibility of using all the services provided by our law firm in English.

What will you receive as part of the service?


The support of a sworn translator


Drafting and translating contracts in Polish and English


Notary service in English


Drafting bilingual documents required to set up and run a company in Poland


Assistance in establishing terms and conditions of cooperation, and negotiations in English


Bilingual legal services


Participation in meetings with contractors - both on-site and via a video link


Legal English Wrocław – legal services in English

We offer our clients a bilingual service - in Polish and English. Does your company operate in various countries? Do you have people from abroad among your contractors with whom you communicate in English? In such situations, understanding and agreeing on the terms and conditions of cooperation can prove problematic, and a reliably drafted agreement both in English, and in Polish, is particularly important. Our law firm specialises in providing services to English-speaking clients. We draft documents and communicate freely in English.

We provide complete support at every stage of your business - we provide legal advice in English, help you set up your business in Poland, and translate all the required documents for you so that the whole process can run smoothly and without complications.

Are you Polish, but legal issues and formalities in English are confusing for you? Are you planning to start cooperation with a foreign company and need consultation? At your request, we will review the contract in English, translate it and assess the clauses contained in it, taking into account the risks you are taking and the possible consequences of not fulfilling the contract. Not only will we draft documents for you but also offer you comprehensive legal advice in both languages.

Legal English – is this a service for you? You’ll benefit from it if:

• you run a company which operates on an international scale,
• you communicate in English with some of your contractors,
• you employ foreign workers,
• you’re not from Poland, but you intend to establish yourself on our market,
• you’re planning to do business with a foreign company and need to sign a contract drawn up in English.


Signing a contract in a foreign language is an everyday occurance for us

We have been working with English-speaking clients for many years - drafting contracts in two languages, conducting face-to-face and phone conversations in English. Among the companies we offer services to are clients from Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, South Korea, Germany, the United States and Italy. Any company doing international business and opening their branch in Poland can contact us and will receive comprehensive assistance without worrying about a potential language barrier.

What kind of contracts do we translate? We translate legal documents and any other type of contract you’re planning to sign.

What does Legal English service cooperation with us look like?

1.When applying to us, submit the documents you wish to translate or draft from scratch in English.

2. After a first discussion, we will determine the scope of service your individual situation requires - whether you only need support with the translation/drafting of legal documents, or whether you require assistance with communication with contractors, notarial services, or the help of a sworn translator.

3. We will provide comprehensive support, delivering legal services in English.