CMM Legal Office

We strive to fully understand the business needs of our clients’ operations. We are experienced in providing services to commercial companies, public procurement aw, construction companies (in particular to the entities involved in construction works in the road and bridge industries), Internet law, as well as many other branches of commercial and trade law. We draft and review contracts and legal opinions.
We examine contracts before they are signed, we inspect documents regarding the real estate sales, loans, and other civil matters. We are aware of the fact that many people for various reasons do not intend to appear in proceedings before a court or an office. In such cases, we offer our experience as a legal representative in court and administrative proceedings. We provide legal services in Polish and English.
The prices of our services are always coined in a consultation with the client. Usually, we propose one of the following forms of settlement: - a flat-rate remuneration - in the case of regular monthly servicing; - a one-off payment for a single service (eg for composing or providing an opinion on a contract or a legal opinion); - a “success fee” (eg for winning a debt collection case before a court) combined with a one-off payment.


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