Representation in court

Do you need representation during court proceedings in Wrocław? We will be happy to help!
Representing parties in court proceedings is an important part of our practice. An attorney-at-law assists in filing the relevant letter initiating the proceedings and then represents the client throughout the process. It is also possible to join proceedings already initiated, for example at the stage of filing an appeal, or a cassation appeal against an unfavourable judgment. We know from experience that clients fear the courtroom and the unpredictability of what may happen at trial. In such situations, it is a good idea to entrust the handling of the case to a trusted person with experience, one for whom appearing in court is almost an everyday occurrence.

What benefits will you receive as part of our Representation In Court service?

  • comprehensive care by an attorney at every stage of the proceedings,
  • no need to draw up claims and pleadings on your own, gather together documents and attend court hearings,
  • reduction of stress associated with visits in court,
  • conducting correspondence with the court including receiving letters on your behalf.

Representation in court – is this a service for you? You’ll benefit from it if:

  • you have been sued, you want to sue a business partner or a colleague and the only way to resolve the conflict is through litigation,
  • you want to avoid tedious handling of the formalities involved in drafting pleadings and communicating with the court,
  • for various reasons, you want to limit your participation in the trial as much as possible and prefer to leave it to professionals.

What will you receive as part of the service?


Participation in hearings and negotiations


Conducting communications with the court, constructing claims and all pleadings, receiving documentation on your behalf


Comprehensive legal services at every stage of legal proceedings


Support during possible mediation



Objections to expert opinions


Helping clients during the appeal stage and in front of the Supreme Court


Litigation in Wrocław is our speciality

Not everyone can provide the services of a court attorney. Our legal advisers are qualified, knowledgeable and experienced - they can boast about having participated in several hundred court cases, both civil and commercial. Taking charge of your case, we handle it comprehensively: from the initiation of proceedings to their conclusion. Before drafting a claim or an application which triggers court action, we review your situation - because going to court does not always turn out to be the most advantageous solution.

We individually assess the potential benefits and risks of taking the case to court, try to predict the possible soutcomes and carry out pre-court actions such as draft payment requests, contract withdrawals, and various other documentation. When a court date is set and a visit to court is unavoidable, we represent you during the proceedings - regardless of whether you’re the claimant or the defendant.

Companies in court

Most of our work focuses on business related matters - do you run a company and need an attorney for court? Are you a shareholder in a company and complications have arisen? Whether you are acting as a member of a company, a business owner or an individual, you can count on our support.

Not sure what a court hearing is like and worried about not knowing how to behave? Attending court proceedings always causes stress, requires you to spend time attending hearings, and generates general discomfort. The presence of an attorney is reassuring, and can also relieve you of the need to visit the courtroom altogether - if you do not need to give evidence, we will act as your representative so that you do not have to come to court.


Attorney-at-law – comprehensive care of your case

Our law firm has online access to an information portal through which we obtain all the details of your case. We know the hearing dates in advance and keep track of the next steps in the proceedings. When you give us power of attorney to appear in court, we can receive the correspondence regarding your case so that you do not have to personally engage in communication with the court.

We operate in Lower Silesia and Wrocław, but if you need representation in court in another area of Poland, we can also help you.

What does our Representation In Court service look like?

1. Submission of offical documentation to start court proceedings.

2. Support throughout the proceedings.

3. Participation in mediation - discussions with a professional mediator often allow you to avoid visits to court and (if the outcome is satisfactory to both parties) significantly reduce the time of the proceedings.

4. Taking part in hearings.

5. Filing the necessary legal documentation.

6. Comprehensive service up to the legal conclusion of the proceedings.