Legal services for IT

Do you operate in the IT sector and need legal services? We will be happy to help!
This service focuses on supporting clients working in the IT sector – an area that is currently growing rapidly, and presenting new challenges for companies and the law firms representing them. These range from the drafting of licensing agreements to the safeguarding of intellectual property and matters relating to copyright.

What are the benefits of our Legal Services for IT service?

  • advice on the most favourable type of contract to be signed – so as to protect your interests and intellectual property and ensure that you receive a satisfactory return on the licences granted
  • assisting you in the process of bringing your software to market,
  • drafting of contracts – also in English – covering the specifics related to the IT industry, including licensing agreements, sale of copyright, or employment of software developers.

Legal services for IT – is this a service for you? You’ll benefit from it if:

  • you are a software developer or a representative of an IT company and you plan to launch new software to the market,
  • you want to sign an agreement to protect your intellectual property and copyright,
  • you are looking for the most favourable taxation solution for your IT business.

What will you receive as part of the service?


Ongoing legal services with comprehensive tax advice and notary support


Drafting of contracts - in Polish and English, including translation of documents


Measures to secure your intellectual property and copyright protection


Analysis by tax advisors familiar with the specifics of the IT sector - assistance in choosing a convenient and most favourable form of taxation


Checking whether you’re eligible for the IT BOX - a tax credit for developers doing R&D work


Legal services for IT – a response to needs arising from technological developments

Information technology is constantly evolving, presenting software developers with new challenges. Do you run an IT company with employees? Do you develop new software and bring it to market? No matter how you are connected to the IT industry, our law firm will look after your interests. We will secure your intellectual property and ensure copyright protection, we will draft implementation and licensing agreements so that your work brings you satisfactory profits.

Continuous legal services for IT – use our subscription service

Our law firm provides both one-off legal advice, and a subscription service where you subscribe to our services for a specific period of time (usually one month) and gain unlimited access to our legal advice.

What does our Legal Services for IT service look like?

1. When contacting us, prepare all the documents you have relating to your case, the software you intend to implement or the people you plan to employ.

2. After analysing the documentation provided to us, we will present you with suggested courses of action.

3. We will carry out an in-depth tax analysis to provide you with comprehensive advice and present you with the most favourable solutions for taxation.

4. We will draft the required contracts for you - also in English.