Debt collection

Do you need support in debt collection?
We’ll take care of it for you!
One of our services is debt recovery consultancy in Wrocław, in the implementation of which we rely on comprehensive legal knowledge. We approach each case individually, selecting available legal tools in accordance with the specific needs and possibilities of debt collection. We provide legal assistance to both creditors and debtors.

What benefits do you get from using our Debt Collection service?

  • an individual approach to each case,
  • selection of legal tools to maximise the effectiveness of debt collection,
  • comprehensive legal support in the process of debt recovery – including participation in court hearings and representation of the client during confrontations with debtors,
  • if you’re the debtor – we’ll monitor the actions of the bailiff and file possible appeals, including complaints against the bailiff’s actions,
  • a wide range of additional services.

Debt Collection - is this a service for you? You’ll benefit from it if:

  • you have received a payment notice and are at the stage of pre-litigation correspondence,
  • you are seeking to reach a settlement with your creditor,
  • you are involved in court proceedings and are looking to be represented in court by an attorney,
  • you run a company and have problems with non-payment of invoices.

What do you receive as part of the service?


Support during enforcement actions with the bailiff


Comprehensive support in the debt collection process


Drafting of payment requests, participation in settlement meetings


Assistance in reaching an agreement with creditors


Representation in court - filing of a payment request and participation in the legal process until the resolution of the case


Debt collection law in the Wroclaw area – the legislation we rely on

Debt collection begins with pre-court proceedings, such as a payment request or participation in settlement negotiations. At the court stage, we provide creditors with a comprehensive service - from the filing of a payment request, through participation in the entire court process to its final legal conclusion. We represent clients in enforcement proceedings in front of a bailiff. We cooperate with bailiff offices throughout Poland, whose experience allows us to take complete control of your case.

You can also benefit from our support if you are the party in debt and want to resolve your situation as favourably as possible. We assist debtors in examining the legitimacy of the claim against them, draw up objections or charges against payment orders, appeals, complaints against the actions of the bailiff and we represent our clients in court. When dealing with an insolvent business partner, you have the tools at your disposal to effectively enforce the recovery of the money owed to you.

Debt collection in Wrocław – additional services

Along with debt collection, we offer a range of additional services such as:

• fraudulent conveyance – applicable when your contractor, at the time of entering into the agreement, was aware of the impossibility of keeping to the terms and conditions of the contract. In such a case, his/her action is deemed to be a misrepresentation for the purpose of obtaining a financial benefit,
• representation in insolvency proceedings - if your company has financial problems and you notice signs of upcoming insolvency, we help to conduct the liquidation of the company in such a way that it is satisfactory for both the indebted party and the creditor,
• audit of land registers.

When carrying out debt collection operations, we act in such a way that their cost is charged to the debtor.


Advice for long term clients

For our long-term clients who want to avoid problems related to late payments from their contractors, we provide a service called a Debt Collection Stamp. This is a tool available to some debt collection companies and law firms - it is a stamp with information for contractors and clients about payment monitoring. It says that if the debt is not paid on time, a law firm will get involved. The Debt Collection Stamp has proven to be an effective warning and preventive tool - it helps prevent debts as contractors become aware of the consequences they will face in the event of insolvency.

Comprehensive support in the field of debt recovery requires experience and knowledge of the law, as well as access to tools that facilitate effective enforcement. We provide our clients with complete legal services, advice and assistance in the collection of claims. The value of debts successfully collected by us exceeds several million PLN.

What do our debt collection services look like?

1. Analysis of the client's situation - legitimacy of claims, familiarisation with the client's arguments.

2. Payment request - this is the first step starting the process of debt repayment.

3. Pre-court proceedings, including settlement negotiations and attempts to agree on convenient payment terms.

4. Litigation – taking the case to court if the debtor refuses to cooperate.

5. Comprehensive service of the client, including representation at the hearing, preparation for testimony and gathering together the required documentation.