Debt collection

In the area of ​​debt collection, we provide legal assistance to both the creditors and debtors.
To our regular clients, who want to avoid problems related to late payments from their contractors, we provide a so-called service of a debt seal, which you can read about here.

Debt collection begins with pre-litigation activities such as a demand for payment or participation in settlement negotiations. At the court level, we provide creditors with a comprehensive service – from filing in a suit for payment, through participation in the entire lawsuit, until its final conclusion. We represent clients in the enforcement proceedings before the bailiff.

We help debtors to examine the legitimacy of a claim against them, make objections or complaints against demands for payment, appeals, complaints, complaints about acts of a bailiff, and we act on behalf of our clients in court. We supplement debt collection cases with a number of additional services, such as a Pauline complaint, a representation in bankruptcy proceedings, and an audit of the land and mortgage registers. The value of the receivables we have collected so far exceeds several million zlotys!