Drafting contracts

Do you need help with drafting contracts? We’ll do it for you!

Before being signed, every contract should be reviewed by an attorney to make sure it complies with the law and whether its terms and conditions can be considered particularly disadvantageous to the client. We examine these documents to see if it is possible to cancel, terminate or withdraw from a contract, or the possibility to impose penalties for various breaches of contract.

What benefits will you receive by using our contract drafting service?

  • creation of a contract that safeguards your interests and helps you avoid unforeseen financial consequences,
  • cooperation with a notary office handling contracts requiring a notarial deed,
  • comprehensive care not only during the signing of the contract but also during the contract termination process,
  • possibility to translate the contract into English or to create it in two languages.

Drafting contracts – is it a service for you? You’ll benefit from it if:

  • you need a professionally drawn up property transfer agreement, a transfer of development rights agreement, a property inheritance agreement, a grant of lands,
  • you are looking for help in drafting a non-standard agreement for the IT industry, covering licensing, copyright and computer software issues; or for the construction industry,
  • you require a contract in English.

What will you receive as part of the service?


Assistance if you wish to terminate or withdraw from a contract


Drafting of contracts from scratch based on the technicalities of the industry you operate in


Advice in the event of breach of contract terms and conditions


Legal reviews of existing contracts


The drafting and translation of contracts in English


Support in conflict situations

We draft each contract in such a way as to fully protect your interests in potential disputes. Our support also consists of advising you on the best course of action to be taken in the event of breach of the terms and conditions of the contract – whether it is by yourself or your contractors. We assist you with non-payments of invoices , failure to comply with terms and conditions of the contract, as well as in the event that you need to terminate the contract or wish to withdraw from it.

If the contract you have signed is to be terminated or if the other party fails to fulfil its obligations under the signed contract, we will help you with:

cancellation/termination/withdrawal from the contract,

mediation and negotiation with contractors,

claims arising from the terms and conditions in the contract, along with participation in court cases – both when you are the claimant and when you are the defendant.

Cancellation/termination/withdrawal from the contract – legal help

We provide comprehensive care in the process of terminating contracts, mitigting disputes or recovering debts. We relieve you of the need to get involved in legal issues - your involvement is reduced to only the technical aspects arising from the specific industry you specialise in. When choosing to work with our law firm, you do not have to deal with the formalities of contracts yourself - we will comprehensively draft a document for you, which will clearly state the extent of your cooperation with third parties. Are you unsure whether the contract proposed to you by your business partner is beneficial to you? Do you need consultation and possible amendments? Our attorneys not only create them from scratch, but also evaluate the documents already created and review them for you.

What does our drafting contracts service look like?

1. Choosing the most appropriate type of contract - we help you choose the most favourable type of contract according to your individual needs. We create civil law contracts, purchase and sale contracts, rental and lease agreements, various employment contracts and B2B contracts.

2. We undertake negotiations with business partners on your behalf - we take part in meetings or remote consultations, discuss details relating termination of contracts and other important issues affecting further cooperation of the two parties.

3. We create a comprehensive plan from A to Z - our regular customers often use the tried and tested templates we produce for them.