Legal services for businesses

Do you need a comprehensive legal service for your business?
We’ll take care of it.
Our legal services forbusinesses consist of the ongoing provision of services to a given entrepreneur within the scope of his or her business activities. The service is provided at the client's premises and online – depending on what is needed. The advantages of an ongoing service include a lower cost of service and the availability of an attorney-at-law. It also gives us the opportunity to learn about the client's business – something we consider particularly important when providing an ongoing service. Clients who choose this service are guaranteed representation in all their legal cases. We want to get to know your business and support you in whichever situation you might need assistance.

What benefits do you receive by using legal services for businesses in Wrocław?

  • you have constant access to legal advice,
  • we are always at your disposal, therefore you are sure to get quick answers and clarifications of your questions and concerns, which makes running your business much simpler,
  • we know your company and its history to date, we know about all the signed agreements and any disputes you may have been involved in – comprehensive knowledge of your business allows us to support you in any situation and provide you with effective legal advice within a short period of time (simply because we do not have to get to know your company from scratch).

Legal services for businesses – is this a service for you? You’ll benefit from it if:

  • you are an entrepreneur and would like to have regular contact with a lawyer,
  • you run a company in a field which requires regular legal consultations,
  • you are planning to start a business and want comprehensive legal assistance from the early beginnings and throughout the time your company will be operating on the market.

What will you receive as part of this service?


Unlimited access to legal advice


Ongoing legal services with additional access to various experts – a notary, tax advisors, restructuring advisors, as well as HR, payroll and accounting specialists


Interpretation of new regulations


Advisory regarding new business ideas


Debt collection services


Representation in court


Drafting of contracts and advisory on their most favourable type


Complete service of corporate matters (resolutions, protocols, registration procedure)


What is a subscription service for businesses?

Do you want to find out what legal services for businesses in Wrocław consist of? It is one of the services we offer. Our comprehensive subscription service for your company includes complete legal support, which you pay for in the form of a subscription. You benefit from advice from our lawyers at every stage of your business activity, in the event of sudden complications, doubts or unexpected situations and disputes with business partners.

We draft contracts optimised for your business to benefit you - we offer complete support in the contract signing process. If your company is struggling with an insolvent debtor, we undertake pre-court proceedings, file a lawsuit with the court and, once the proceedings are completed, we issue an execution of the judgement. We can become a legal representative for your company.

This solution relieves you of the duty of attending hearings and keeping track of the next steps in the proceedings - we take care of everything and keep you informed of the progress. Constantly changing legislation requires you to always stay up-to-date and monitor changes in the law. As our client, you do not need to be up to speed with the law – we know the latest regulations and monitor their modifications in order to be able to transform your company. This ensures that you always benefit from the best solutions.

Have you come up with a new idea and don’t know if it’s worth implementing? Are you wondering what the benefits and risks of expanding your business are? Do you want to know how to organise the project in accordance with the law? We will do all this for you as part of our subscription service.

Trust our experience in legal services for businesses

Business and commercial law is a complex and constantly changing field – but it is our specialisation. We rely on many years of experience and offer services to representatives of various industries - we have had the opportunity to provide legal services to construction, transport, trade and service companies.


What does legal services for businesses cooperation look like in Wrocław?

1. Once you get in touch with us, we will present you with the different subscription packages we offer.

2. We will advise you which option is best for you, taking into account the industry you operate in, the type of legal support your company needs, its size, turnover and number of employees.

3. You purchase a monthly subscription, which includes a certain amount of our law firm's working hours.

4. We sign the contract and you get the comfort of having an ongoing legal service, and we will always find time for you - no waiting for our advice!