Legal services for companies

Do you need legal services for your company? We can provide comprehensive support
Setting up a company requires thorough knowledge of the law and is therefore a challenge for those unfamiliar with the applicable regulations. It is worth noting that any oversight may result in later problems and disputes between partners - before starting cooperation, it is essential to determine its terms, rights and obligations of shareholders and confidentiality rules. You do not have to deal with this yourself. For the financial security and comfort of each party, sensitive issues should be settled in writing. This will reduce complications in the event of possible conflicts or the desire to dissolve the company or make changes to the way it is being run.

What benefits will you receive when using our legal services for businesses?

  • comprehensive service in the process of setting up a company, regardless of its type,
  • support throughout the entire period of the company’s activity – from its establishment, through its operations on the market, to its closure,
  • assistance in disputes and conflicts – both between company shareholders, as well as contractors,
  • full assistance in completing all formalities – you are relieved from the need to learn the complicated intricacies of the law, you can get on with your business without worrying about legal and tax issues.

Legal services for companies – is this a service for you? You’ll benefit from it if:

  • you’re planning to set up a company,
  • you have a company which needs legal support,
  • you want to restructure your company,
  • there is a conflict between the shareholders,
  • you want to dissolve or close the company.

What will you receive as part of this service?


Support in the event of possible corporate changes - sale of shares, changes in management or supervisory board, increase in shareholder’s equity, change of name and registered office, change of business focus


We’ll set up the most suitable type of company depending on the individual characteristics of your business - we set up civil law partnerships and commercial companies and partnerships (joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships and limited joint-stock partnerships). (Yes – there are subtle differences between all of these types of companies, and we’re here for you to explain them all!)


Ongoing legal support for regular clients - we offer complete legal services for construction companies as well as tax services for companies. These services include comprehensive consultations and assistance in running the business


Support in the process of setting up a company online


Assistance with company registration in the National Court Register


Modifying exsiting contracts


Drafting articles of association


Taking minutes of company bodies’ and shareholders’ meetings


Signing the articles of association at the notary office - we cooperate with a trusted notary office


Tax advisory


Assistance in the process of liquidation of the company ,right up to striking it off from the National Court Register


Company Law – comprehensive legal and tax services

Thanks to our knowledge of the peculiarities of the various forms of business you can run in Poland, we can support our clients in matters relating to company law - from the establishment to the termination of their business activity. We draft company contracts and shareholders agreements that safeguard the interests of all shareholders. We support entrepreneurs in the transformation of their companies and the establishment of special purpose entities. We provide complete assistance in proceedings before the court and in proceedings to exclude a shareholder or to challenge shareholder resolutions. We have experience in cooperation with entities such as the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBIR) and companies created from special purpose funds.

Our clients can count on a comprehensive service in the process of establishing a company, regardless of its type. At the first stage of cooperation, we carry out a thorough assessment of your situation and the profile of the company you want to run - on this basis, we advise the most beneficial type of company. We have experience in setting up and providing services to many types of companies, therefore we know what risks, financial burdens and tax settlement methods are associated with each individual forms of business activity.

We also support company representatives in disputes as well as problematic and unusual situations. Our knowledge of the specifics of the functioning of each individual type of company allows us to provide our clients with legal advice and assist in resolving possible conflict, including making claims against unreliable shareholders.

Services dedicated to companies terminating their business activity

We offer comprehensive company closure services, right up to striking off the company from the National Court Register. We help you go through the formalities related to the closure of your business, we carry out the subsequent stages of liquidation and monitor their completion, and we remain at your disposal until your company is removed from the National Court Register. Company Law in Wrocław is a service which will ensure you close your company safely, legally and in the best financial way.


What does company law service cooperation look like in Wrocław?

1. When you and your partner apply to us, you present us with the scope of the business you want to run.

2. We advise you on the type of company worth setting up in your situation, taking into account legal and tax matters.

3. We assist with the establishment of the company - either online or at a notary office, as well as with its registration in the National Court Register.

4. We assist with the signing of the articles of association.

5. We provide a comprehensive legal service for your company – it’s up to you whether it’s an ongoing or an ad hoc service.

6. We assist in the process of company closure and liquidation.