Bankruptcy and restructuring

Looking for help with bankruptcy proceedings or rebuilding your business? Then get in touch with us!

We provide services related to bankruptcy and company restructuring in our team, consisting of an attorney-at-law and a restructuring advisor (a person authorised to perform the tasks of an administrator, court supervisor or receiver).

What do you receive as part of our bankrupcy and restructuring service?

  • support in finding the best solution,
  • a thorough analysis of your situation and choosing the most advantageous way out of the problem,
  • possibility of avoiding serious financial consequences and starting afresh,
  • comprehensive legal services – preparation of necessary documentation, control over the whole process,
  • representation in negotiations with contractors and creditors, as well as during court hearings.

Bankrupcy and restructuring – is it a service for you? You’ll benefit from it if:

  • you have noticed a drop in revenue in your business and are starting to face financial difficulties,
  • you want to close your business in a way that is legal and beneficial to yourself and any creditors,
  • you are looking for ways to improve your business to avoid bankruptcy.

What do you receive as part of the service?


A thorough analysis of your company's situation


Effective restructuring of the company - whether it is in bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings the management in the company is taken over by a person appointed by the court


Support in negotiations with creditors and finding a compromise that satisfies all parties


Assistance in declaring bankruptcy and completing all necessary paperwork

Comprehensive support for a failing business

Insolvency is not always synonymous with bankruptcy. It can lead to a favourable arrangement with creditors, the recovery of the company or the sale of the business. We dedicate our services to entities with financial problems - if you notice that your business is starting to struggle with problems foreshadowing insolvency, it is worth taking advantage of professional help. After analysing the situation, we will help you decide on further steps to resolve the situation. You can choose between two basic paths: restructuring your company or declaring it insolvent.

A company during restructuring process - what does it mean?

The steps we take in this process are aimed at making changes to avoid bankruptcy. Restructuring a company is a complex process allowing you to avoid possible debt enforcement – it involves sanctioning procedures and taking over the management of the company by a person appointed by the court. Alternatively, an arrangement with yourself and your creditors is made under the court’s supervision – often offering them a share in the business or other forms of redress able to resolve the dispute. Each of these options is an opportunity for your business to bounce back from the bottom and start afresh. Our role is to point you towards the available solutions and advise you on the best option in your situation.

Declaring insolvency of a company in Wroclaw under the supervision of specialists

In extreme cases, when nothing else can be done for your business, bankruptcy becomes the only option. We prepare the bankruptcy petition for you and indicate the documentation to be attached to it. We cooperate with your accountant and take full control of the bankruptcy process to relieve you of the burden of taking care of the formalities. The premise of insolvency is to close the company in such a way as to satisfy creditors and save as much of the company's assets as possible. Our services also include supporting the directors of insolvent companies from having their private assets seized as to cover company debts. Amongst other, we represent board members in cases relating to debt repayment, and we defend them in criminal cases. Our expertise includes representing clients at court hearings, as well as in front of court supervisors, administrators or receivers are involved in any such proceedings.



Support to creditors and receivers in bankruptcy processes

Company insolvency is quite a challenge for those waiting for repayment of debts. We represent creditors against bankrupt businesses and advise on ways to recover debts, including debts from representatives of the bankrupt company. If necessary, we represent creditors in criminal proceedings. We also provide assistance to receivers, handling all legal aspects of their activity. Our partners can also provide accounting services for the receiver.

What does our Bankruptcy and Restructuring service look like?

1. We collect documents and necessary information - we analyse the client’s situation, the extent of debts and liabilities, available assets and physical goods.

2. We verify whether the prerequisites for insolvency are met.

3. We recommend the best course of action: bankruptcy, agreements with creditors, restructuring proceedings.

4. We provide comprehensive legal services in the course of action chosen by the client.