Bankruptcy and restructuring

We provide services related to bankruptcy and restructuration in the team of attorney- at- law and restructure advisor (a person with authority to carry out tasks of administrator, judicial supervisor or official receiver). Due to new legal regulations passed in polish legal order since 2016 about bankruptcy and restructuration of entrepreneurs, we can offer initiation of one of proceedings referred to in these provisions to customers dealing with financial troubles and insolvency.

Complete support for failing business.

Insolvency doesn’t necessarily mean a bankruptcy. It may lead to a favorable arrangement with obligees, recovery of company’s situation or sell of enterprise. Our services are dedicated to entities with financial troubles- if you notice that your business starts struggling with troubles that herald insolvency, it’s worthy to use professional assistance. After analysis of situation we will help you make a decision about further steps to resolve the problem. There are basically two ways to choose between: restructuration in company or bankruptcy.

Company in restructuration- what does it mean?

Actions that we take in this process aims to introduce changes to keep off bankruptcy. Company’s restructuration is to renew it- in sanative proceeding, managing in company takes over a person designed by court, You- on the other hand avoid possible enforcement of indebtedness. A systemic agreement concluded by court’s supervision with obliges is an alternative – often it is possible to propose them to participate/take part in business or other compensation forms a. Every of these ways is a chance and opportunity for your business to turn everything around and start acting again. Our role is to show you available solutions and advise the best option in your situation.

Bankruptcy of company under a supervision of specialists.

In extreme cases, when there is no rescue for business, the only one way is to declare bankruptcy. We prepare for you a request for bankruptcy and then we will help you to prepare documentation that is necessary to attach to it. We cooperate with your account department and take over complete control over the bankrupting process to release you from duty of taking care about formality. The main assumption of bankruptcy is so wound up of company to let you satisfy obligees and save as much as possible from company’s property. The scope of services includes also support for members of the Management Board, to keep them off burden their private properties by debts of these partnerships. We represent members in cases for paying these debts, we defend in criminal cases, we act in cases for ban on conduct of any business activity.

Our competence includes representing customers during court trials and also before judicial supervisor, administrator or official receiver, who takes part in every case this type.

Support obligees and official receivers in bankrupting process.

Company’s bankruptcy is a great challenge for persons waiting for payment of liabilities from debtor. We represent obligees in respect of failing business and advise ways to retake indebtedness from partnership representatives too. I there is need we represent obligees in criminal cases. We serve our help to official receivers too, handling with all legal aspects of their activity. Our partners also are able to provide account services of official receiver.