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Law firm in Poland – how to find a good lawyer?

How to find a good lawyer?

The complexity of legal regulations causes that even Poles have difficulty to navigate through the regulations. Using the support of a lawyer in Poland guarantees that the case will be handled with the utmost care. A good lawyer will provide reliable representation in the court process, draft the contract correctly and provide legal advice. How to find a law firm in Poland that will provide professional assistance?

Legal services for foreigners – CMM Law Firm

The law is very broad and intersects with many areas. Therefore, before choosing a lawyer, it is a good idea to check what branch of law he specializes in. Instead of entering “lawyer Poland” into the search engine, it is wiser to choose a law firms in Poland, that focus on cases in the field of criminal law, commercial law or intellectual property law.

Our law firm specializes in helping foreigners. We have been cooperating with clients from all over Europe for many years. We help you start a business in Poland and offer comprehensive advice at every stage of starting a business. We will help you complete registration procedures and choose of method of taxation. Our experienced lawyers will provide support in the day-to-day running of your company.

What is included in our services?

  • legal and tax service of foreign investments in Poland,
  • legal service of employment of foreigners,
  • obtaining permits necessary to do business in the territory of Poland,
  • adapting foreign entities to Polish regulations,
  • legal consultancy for entrepreneurs,
  • legal assistance in introducing foreign products to the Polish market.

Types of law firms in Poland

In Poland, law firms can be classified in several different ways depending on their specialization, size and scope of services. Here are the main types of law firms operating in Poland:

  • General law firms – they offer a wide range of legal services covering various areas of law, such as civil, commercial, family, criminal and administrative law.
  • Specialized law firms – focused on specific areas of law f.ex. estate law, These law firms offer deep expertise in their special areas.
  • Corporate law firms – they focus on legal services for companies and corporations.
  • International law firms – they have offices in many countries and deal primarily with international matters, such as international trade transactions, international disputes, EU law, etc.
  • Boutique law firms – these are smaller law firms that focus on very specific, niche areas of law, offering high-class specialization and personal client service.
  • local law firms – focused on serving clients in a specific region of Poland, they often specialize in local aspects of law, such as local planning regulations, regional economic law, etc.

Before choosing the right law firm in Poland, review at least a dozen pages. Don’t forget to compare prices too. In large cities, law firms in Poland can charge up to twice as high rates for services.

How to choose a law firm to cooperate with? Practical tips

Do you want to find a good lawyer in Poland? Don’t limit yourself to browsing the Internet and selecting the first law firm that appears in the results. To find the right specialist, you need to verify your contractor. See what steps you should take:

  • Check what is the specialization of a lawyer in Poland

Don’t choose a random lawyer. You need to be sure that the attorney has experience in handling a specific type of case. Of course, it may happen that the law firm employs different types of lawyers f.ex. business lawyer (corporate lawyer), criminal defense lawyer, estate planning lawyer or family lawyer. Check their professional experience and biographical note available on the website. Look for the attorney’s bio on social media such as LinkedIn or GoldenLine.

  • Work with the attorney (Poland) you understand

During your first conversation with your lawyer, explain your goals and expectations. Is he or she able to make a clear plan of action?. Transparency is a very important issue. A lawyer should not promise you that he will definitely win the case. Of course, he will strive for it, but he cannot guarantee that he will definitely succeed. You can’t trust your lawyer’s assurances – the most important thing is to create a plan.

  • Check the opinion of a law firm in Poland

You can find opinions about a lawyer on the website, but this is not enough. The law firm will only provide positive reviews, so we advise you to also check other websites. A good source of information is the webpage: Check the name and surname of the lawyer in Poland, and then enter the data into the search engine on the website. Once you find reviews about a lawyer, you can enable automatic translation of the page.

  • Good contact with a lawyer is essential

The client must be sure that he will be able to write or call his lawyer in Poland at any time. Doesn’t the attorney keep answering the phone? This is a normal situation, as long as he calls back soon. The client must have easy contact with the lawyer and be sure that he will receive a response to an e-mail or text message. Difficult contact should make you concerned and make you wonder whether such cooperation makes sense.

  • Experience and many years of work in that profession

Long work experience means greater certainty that the lawyer will handle the case in court as you would like. Of course, his services will be more expensive, but thanks to this you will be sure that the case in court is conducted in a fully professional manner.

Our law firm meets all the above requirements. We offer transparent terms of cooperation and full legal support. Our lawyers speak English fluently, so you don’t have to worry about communication. We know perfectly well the market and legal realities of the European Union member states. The high quality of our services is proven by the opinions of Polish and foreign customers.

How to prepare for a meeting with a lawyer?

Before you make an appointment with a lawyer in Poland, ask for details. What is worth knowing before your first visit to the law firm?

  • How much will the lawyer’s fee be? Is the first consultation free or not?
  • What documents do you need to take to the meeting?
  • How much time do you need to reserve?

Before the meeting with attorney in law firm in Poland, write down all important questions on a piece of paper. Think about what you want to ask. Also collect all information related to the case. Recall the dates and other details. Don’t be nervous – the lawyer helps clients and will not judge you.

What documents should I take to a meeting with a lawyer?

Evidence in the case may be documents in paper or electronic form. Take everything related to the case with you. Such things may be:

  • call recordings,
  • video recordings,
  • e-mail correspondence,
  • photos,
  • contracts.

How to choose a good lawyer in Poland?

A good lawyer should have qualities and skills that make him an effective and trusted advisor in legal matters. Before you choose a lawyer in Poland, verify a few things:

  • Legal knowledge: deep knowledge of the law, updated regularly in response to changing regulations and case law, is the most important thing.
  • Experience: has the lawyer had experience handling cases similar to yours?
  • Communication skills: A good lawyer should be able to communicate clearly and understandably with clients and court representatives. Ability to listen is also crucial to understanding all aspects of the case.
  • Professional Ethics: lawyers in Poland are committed to high ethical standards, including maintaining professional secrecy and acting in the best interests of the client.
  • Analytical skills: A lawyer’s effectiveness also depends on his or her ability to analyze information and create coherent, logical arguments.
  • Negotiation skills: In many legal cases, it is crucial to skillfully negotiate terms and solutions, which may help to avoid long-term court proceedings.

Having such a lawyer can significantly influence the course and outcome of a legal case, so it is worth spending time finding the right specialist.

Law firm in Poland – how to choose?

Much depends on the needs of a specific person. For some, it will be important that the lawyer in Poland is located in the same city or close to the client’s place of residence or business. That is a great advantage, especially in the case of long-term cooperation. So, for example, if our company is located in Warsaw, it is worth choosing a law firm in Poland, which headquarters is located in the capital. Is your case complicated? In such a situation, check whether the lawyer cooperates with other specialists f.ex. tax advisors.

In conclusion, the most important thing is to find a lawyer who is not only professional, but is able to meet the individual needs of his client. Therefore, you must remember to openly communicate your needs and expectations, which guarantees finding the right person to handle your case.

Do you have questions about specific services? Choosing a lawyer in Poland is a difficult matter – especially for a foreigner. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and look for the best solutions. We will be happy to dispel any doubts.